Get Out (2017)


  • Directed by Jordan Peele
  • Starring Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Marcus Henderson
  • Written by Jordan Peele
  • Horror, Suspense
  • Rated R
  • 1hr 44 mins.
  • 24 February 2017


Chris, a black man, is invited to spend the weekend with his white girlfriend, Rose, and her family up in the country. Almost as soon as he arrives, things begin to seem very strange until he finally discovers a horrifying secret about the other black people in the neighborhood.

How’s the Story?

This story is fucking terrifying. The worst part is, I truly expected a different ending than this one. No spoilers, but let’s say I expected far worse than what did happen. Why? Because this shit is reality. No, maybe the ultimate Evil Scheme isn’t very realistic, but as far as the general ‘scary white people and the lone, scared black guy’ story goes, that shit’s totally realistic. Which makes it terrifying.

How’s the Acting?

Oh maaaannnnnn. Holy shit Daniel Kaluuya was amazing! I’ve never heard of him before this, but he was incredible. The whole ensemble was good, but he knocked it out of the park. I really, really want to see him in about fifty things. There is just so much good in the performances here. It’s amazing.

How’s the Writing/Directing?

Listen, I’m white and this movie is viscerally terrifying, that’s how incredibly written and directed this is. I’ve lived my whole life being on the safe side of the situation’s in this movie that sent off alarm bells, and yet I still kept covering my face and going, “RUN, BITCH!” as if I knew exactly what that felt like from his perspective.

That’s a mark if incredible writing. Jordan Peel managed to write something that puts any viewer into this guys perspective to make you terrified for this guy’s life. I had the same feeling watching this movie as I do when I see a lone woman in an isolated place with a lot of men: the pit-of-your-stomach terror that screams, ‘Dear God, run for your life’. There wasn’t a beat of this movie that wasn’t absolutely perfect.

How’s the Cinematography?

It’s pretty good. I won’t say it’s the best ever, but I do appreciate how it’s shot in certain moments. The lighting in particular is very well done. I’ve always been a fan of good lighting. Overall, it’s good. It’s nothing special, but it’s all perfectly good enough.

Is It Worth Watching?

Yes! I’m sad I didn’t see this movie until this week! If I had seen it in 2017, it would’ve been top 5 of the year. This movie is terrifying in the best way. It’s horror without blood and guts. It’s psychological horror on par with something like Psycho. Yes, I just said on part with Psycho. This movie does the same thing as that one in how it keeps you feeling uneasy all along. You know something is coming. There isn’t a moment where you feel comfortable. You just know something bad is going to happen.

I think the only thing that’s a little weak for me is the performance of the girlfriend. She’s just kind of there. Also, I never really understood the deer motif. It didn’t distract from the story, but I didn’t really understand why that was chosen. I’ve seen it twice now and I still don’t understand.

That said, this movie is a solid winner for me. By far the best of the Best Picture Nominees I caught this week. I didn’t see them all, but this is the best of the four I have seen by a MILE.

My Rating: 9/10

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