Hi all!

This may seem entirely unprofessional, and that’s because it is! Chelsea Loves Movies is literally just me – Chelsea – reviewing movies. I love movies. I love movies for artistic reasons, I love movies for entertainment reasons, and I even love really bad movies because it’s fun to laugh at. The point is, I REALLY love movies. Since I’ve started taking film studies classes, I love movies EVEN MORE than I always have!

Things you will find here:

  • – My opinion-based reviews on films
  • – Occasional artistic-based reviews on films
  • – Excessive use of ‘AHHHHHH!’ on movies I find particularly wonderful and beautiful
  • – Film ratings out of 10 (I don’t like the 5-star system because some movies aren’t either ‘terrible, bad, decent, great, WONDERFUL’ there are so many in betweens! Like 7=REALLY GOOD MOVIE BUT NOT QUITE INCREDIBLE, or 9= SO CLOSE TO PERFECT BUT NOT QUITE I’M SO SORRY I STILL LOVE YOU THE MOST!)

I’m not a stuffy film critic who is hyper-critical of every element of a film, I’m not a shallow ‘if the actor is unattractive I won’t appreciate the film’ slave to the star system, and I’m pretty easily impressed so I won’t automatically slam something because it doesn’t have mind-blowing special effects (I’m actually pretty UNimpressed by an overuse of CGI).

With my reviews, what you get is an unbiased opinion of a casual viewer who really just loves movies (hence the title, Chelsea Loves Movies). My reviews may not be to the prestigious levels of famous movie critics but… that’s okay! Because often they are enamored by boring crap and totally slam good movies that aren’t that serious.

All in all, I hope you enjoy my reviews of movies I watch, both old and new, and are at least entertained by them even if you totally disagree and think I have a terrible taste in movies.

-J. Chelsea Williford

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