Rough Night (2017)

(I was going to review Pitch Perfect 2 after last week, but I decided to wait and do this today since I was seeing this and it’s new.)

  • Directed by Lucia Aniello
  • Starring Scarlet Johansson, Jillian Bell, Kate McKinnon, Zoe Kravitz, Ilana Glazer
  • Written by Lucia Aniello, Paul Downs
  • Comedy
  • Rated R
  • 101 mins
  • 16 June 2017


A woman named Jess, who has been busy with work as she is running for office, gets the bachelorette weekend from hell when the weekend full of fun planned by her college roommate goes horribly wrong when an accident kills their stripper.

How’s the Story?

It’s a good story. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, because it’s honestly kind of a Weekend at Bernie’s with a raunchier type of comedy. At its heart, the story is about friendship and growing up and I think they did that really well without sacrificing the comedy. Very balanced even if it isn’t anything new or revolutionary.

How’s the Acting?

I really liked the acting in this movie. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Scarlet Johansson in a comedy like this before, and she’s great! This movie has characters that are believable and the actors really nail the comedic timing. I genuinely was impressed by the cast of this film. Even the pervy neighbors Ty Burrell and Demi Moore were excellent performances.

(Side note, did anybody else notice and LOVE how the pervy neighbors were really into consent? That’s well done detail, my friends.)

How’s the Writing/Directing?

Honest to God, I have not enjoyed the writing of a comedy so much in a very long time. All the gags had me ROLLING. Even the tiniest jokes made me giggle until I couldn’t breathe. I loved all the things that made this very much a movie for women. I’m not saying men won’t enjoy it and that women don’t enjoy regular comedy, but there were so many jokes and references in this movie that I feel like women probably will appreciate more. I also loved all of the jokes about Florida and the jokes about America in there, too. Also, I loved all the real things this movie referenced like the Sad Astronaut or the woman who got 20 years for a warning shot at her violent husband. It made the comedy feel more grounded and less canned humor.

I just loved the witty writing and the hilarious gags in this movie as well as the friendship and stuff. This was one of very few comedies in recent years that I never felt even slightly uncomfortable because of one of the jokes.

And as for direction, the only thing that needs be said is that you can tell this movie was directed by a woman because FINALLY there is a movie where the women in it are realistic. Very few movies have women doing things and saying things in ways that actual women would do them. You have no idea how often I see something and go, “That’s so unrealistic!” and this was one that was absolutely realistic.

How’s the Cinematography?

I mean, it’s not the most beautifully shot movie ever, but it has its moments. The shots from outside the house into the living room were interesting choices. I would say that this isn’t a movie where the cinematography matters. Nothing was glaringly terrible which is all I really needed from this movie.

Is It Worth Watching?

This is the best pure comedy I’ve seen since The Nice Guys and I like this better than I did that one. I’ve seen people call this “The Hangover for women” and no. Those movies weren’t even very funny. This movie is ‘laugh until you cry’ funny. Even the tiniest things, like the cashier with the adult diapers bit, it was so good.

Also, because I know you are probably tired of me saying it so much, I feel like I need to really annoy you by once again saying that this movie was an excellent comedy for women. I loved how this felt like conversations that I would have with my friends. Obviously not about killing a stripper, but talking about creepy guys being scared away by the word ‘tampon’ so you use it as a code word, the jokes about pubic hair grooming, jokes about how if Alice masturbated more she wouldn’t be so horny that she caused the accident, and most of all, making fun of hipsters! All these things that just sound like things women joke about made me feel like I really identified with the comedy here.

Is this what men always feel like watching comedy?

Another thing I loved about this movie is all the casual queerness. Even with he meth dealing trucker and the suburban meth seeker, the queerness was never a joke or a punchline. I mean, there were jokes made involving it, like Frankie and Blair fighting and Frankie staring at Blair’s boobs the entire time, and like I said, the meth dealing trucker and the suburban meth seeker, but it was never making fun of their queerness, it was all just part of the jokes, and nobody had a serious reaction to any of it. Peter even played match-maker for the dudes looking for blowjobs!

Shit guys, even the sex-workers were respected. Prior to seeing this movie I was kinda worried because someone tweeted about how ‘we’re still joking about killing sex workers’ but when you see the movie you find that it’s really not like that. It’s not like ‘oh he’s just a hooker, nobody will care’, there’s even a line Frankie says about not belittling sex workers or something to that affect.

So to sum it up, this is a comedy that isn’t sexist, isn’t racist, isn’t homophobic, doesn’t belittle sex-workers, drags Florida and America’s gun problem, isn’t offensive in really any way, and is still a hilarious raunchy comedy.

I didn’t even think that was possible, and yet this movie exists. If you can’t tell, I loved this movie and I recommend it to anybody. Even if you don’t normally like comedy, give it a shot. It might just change your mind.

My Rating: 8/10


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