Lego Batman (2017)


  • Directed by Chris McKay
  • Starring Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes
  • Written by Seth Grahame-Smith, Chris McKenna
  • Comedy, Animation
  • Rated PG
  • 104 mins.
  • Released 10 February 2017


Jumping off of the wide popularity of Batman in The Lego Movie, we rejoin our favorite Caped Crusader in Lego Batman as he struggles with the conflict created by his fear of letting anybody in clashing with his need to save the world from his greatest enemies with the help of Robin, the orphan he accidentally adopted, the new Commissioner Gordan, and Alfred.

How’s the Story?

While it isn’t as amazingly profound as The Lego Movie, I don’t want to compare the two any more than I have to, so viewing it as just itself, Lego Batman has a nice story. It’s a simple plot about Batman overcoming his fear of having a family and learning that teamwork is essential to save the day. It isn’t the strongest plot ever, but it’s enjoyable and it works well as a story from beginning to end. It has an accurately paced story that comes to a satisfying finish.

How’s the [Voice] Acting?

The original version of this category isn’t actually applicable to animated film, but rather than just taking it out of my format, I’m going to tell you about the characters and how they are voiced! I really enjoy the cast of characters in this film, and I think so much is done well in it. Mostly I really enjoy how unexpected it is to look at the cast list and see who voices each character. I would have never guessed watching this movie that Bane, for instance, was Doug Bensen. It made me laugh so hard when I read that when the credits rolled. Also nothing is funnier than Siri being the voice of ‘Puter. So hilarious. There are so many things funny about even just the casting choices that I didn’t realize until after the fact. I genuinely love that they voiced the film with such well known comedic names. It only makes the ridiculousness even more ridiculous.

How’s the Writing/Directing?

I admit there were a few awkward choices in some scenes, but overall I really enjoyed the way this film is developed. I think Chris McKay did a good job overall. The way this story is written is beyond hilarious. The way they kind of touch on the Holy Musical Batman-esque Batman-to-others connection is so fun. I really love the way that Batman and Joker’s rivalry is set to mirror the romance films that Batman loves to watch in his spare time.

But most of all the humor is just perfect. It’s meta-comedy at its finest and it never takes itself too seriously to love. I mean, to reference Batman’s favorite movie, this film had me at “MacGuffin Airlines”.

How’s the Cinematography Animation?

Again, a category I have to adjust some, but we’ll make it work!

I liked the animation style. I’ve always liked the Lego animation style, and I think it was done really well in this one. I think my favorite thing is how the facial expressions aren’t ‘too’ perfect and it still looks like LEGO, you know? As a kid I played with Lego and built stories and worlds all the time, so seeing the type of things you imagined as a kid animated into reality is so fun.

Is It Worth Watching?

C’mon, how could it not be? Lego Batman uses so many fun and ridiculous in-jokes and pokes so much fun at Batman as a character that you can’t not love it! For me especially, I would say this is the best Batman movie since the 90s (that I’ve seen) because Batman is SUPPOSED to be ridiculous and over the top and I’ve never liked the Nolan Batman films because they make him all dark and serious, and this movie makes so much fun of that. It’s so refreshing and fun and everything I’ve been thinking about Batman for so many years now.

Batman is basically an emo teenager who insists “IT’S NOT A PHASE, ALFRED, IT’S WHO I AM!” and it takes that and gives some pathos to the character by having him learn to appreciate what he has and learn to work with others and let people in. It’s hilarious and heartwarming all the same, and isn’t that what animated films like this are supposed to be?

My Rating: 8/10

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