The Perfect Wedding (2012)

The Perfect Wedding (2012)
 Dir. Scott Gabriel
 Writ. Ed Gaffney, Suzanne Brockmann
 Stars: Eric Argon, Jason T. Gaffney
 Not Rated (I'd say PG)
 82 mins.
 Comedy, Romance, Christmas, Queer Film
 IMDB 6.3

Alright, so I’ve watched this movie three times now, and I didn’t realize I hadn’t reviewed it. Why you might ask?

Because it is the cutest, most adorable queer film I’ve ever seen, and it’s Christmas themed!!! Basically take the sweetest, most sappy Hallmark movie and make it gay, and this is that movie!

The Perfect Wedding tells the story of Paul, a recovering alcoholic, who is living with his parents post-alcoholism and this Christmas, everybody is getting together to plan his sister’s extravagant wedding that’s coming up in June… everybody including Paul’s ex, who Paul was a horrible person to when they were dating and he was drinking. Because of this being the first time Paul’s ex, Roy, has to face Paul after their horrible break up in which Paul would get drunk and cheat on him, Roy decides to con one of his friends into pretending to be his boyfriend and come with him, so he doesn’t look like a loser for still being single like a year after Paul and he broke up.

And, in the spirit of sappy romance movies, of course, Gavin, Roy’s fake boyfriend, ends up being the perfect match/soul mate that Paul never knew was out there, so they start to fall for each other, only Paul feels like a monster for falling for his ex’s new boyfriend!

This movie sounds like it would be so dramatic, but it really isn’t. That’s the best, most Christmassy thing about it! This entire movie is literally just about family and life and moving on from your past and towards a new future. There is this entire plot around the fact both Paul and his sister are adopted and how being adopted was something Paul discovered fed into his alcoholism, and this whole plot about how the sister doesn’t want a big wedding, but instead is going along with their mother’s wishes, and there’s this implication you get early in the film that the dad is sick and that’s the reason for all of this, and it’s just a beautiful story about family and friendship and life and love, all set around Christmas in Florida (I think it’s Florida, anyways).

Some noticeable faces in this film would be the parents! As with most ‘straight to Netflix’ queer films (though it’s worth nothing this is a Wolfe film, and most Wolfe films are pretty high quality for queer films), the actors are largely unknown actors, but this time, there were a couple people recognizable! The father, Richard, was played by James Rebhorn, who sadly passed away in 2014, but was in over a hundred movies and TV shows before his death. The mother, Meryl, is played by Kristine Sutherland, known most notably to me, at least, as Joyce Summers from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

That said, all the other actors did a pretty great job as well, honestly. As I say every time I review one of these movies, it’s important to realize that queer film has to be rated compared to itself. There are very few queer films that aren’t pretty terrible in some way. If the writing isn’t embarrassingly bad, the acting is worse than soap-operas, and if the acting isn’t terrible, the writing is usually pretty horrendous. So, when you do find a queer film that has an adorable story, pretty solid writing, and not-bad-at-all writing, it’s considered a pretty damn amazing film, even if compared to a Hollywood blockbuster or Oscar-bait film, it’s utter crap.

On the Queer film scale, this one is honestly up there near the top. This story is adorable, relatable, and just human. As a queer person, my goal in life is to have more queer films like this one, where being queer isn’t the entire center of the story, just being a person is. This is a film where the conflict is about family and about past mistakes and future dreams, and that’s it! Add that the love story is so cute and adorable, and this is an AMAZING queer film.

And it’s a pretty adorable Christmas movie, too. I love the family Christmas spirit going on, and the joy of the holidays is felt throughout.

So, I have to give my hearty approval for this movie!

My rating: 8/10

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