Central Intelligence (2016)

So I just realized it’s Saturday and I didn’t review a movie on Friday. Woops!

Central Intelligence (2016)
 Dir. Rawson Marshall Thurber
 Writ. Ike Barinholtz
 Stars: Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson
 Rated PG-13
 107 mins.
 Comedy, Action
 IMDB 6.4

Sorry that this is a day late, but I lost track of the days of the week. This whole week has been so messed up and out of whack that I haven’t written for NaNo much and I haven’t kept up with the days of the week well. Also I slept all day yesterday.

When I say that it sounds like I’m depressed, but I’m actually just very busy.

Anyways! This week I watched Central Intelligence the movie with Kevin Hart and The Rock. Central Intelligence is about the popular kid from high school growing up to be pretty average office-worker. Alternately, the fat kid from school that everybody (but the popular kid) picked on grew up to become a CIA agent. Now that Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson) is on the run trying to hunt down a treasonous CIA agent, he turns to Calvin Johnson (Kevin Hart) who was not only the only kid nice to him in high school, but is also an accountant with the exact skills that Bob needs to track the buyers of some codes.

To start with, I didn’t have high hopes for this movie. When it first came out it did INSANELY well locally (my local cinema tends to only keep movies for a long time if they’re selling well, and this movie was there for like over 2 months) but everybody online went on about how bad it sucked, and how it wasn’t funny, and all this stuff. So I wasn’t even going to watch it, but a while back someone said, “It’s funnier than Ride Along” and I LIKED Ride Along so yesterday I saw it was available online and thought, ‘What the hell, why not?’

Honestly? It was pretty good. It wasn’t great, and I think I know why people didn’t like it that much, but when it was funny, it was funny. The whole movie overall was funny enough that I enjoyed watching it. Kevin Hart is always funny to me. I’m not sure why so many people don’t think he’s funny. Maybe it’s a regional sense of humor thing? Kind of like how I could never understand the appeal of Broad City and yet tons of people thought it was hilarious? Either way, Kevin hart was funny as hell in this movie. Also, Dwayne Johnson was reasonably funny as well. His character was a little annoying so the funny wore off after a while, but it was still enough to make me laugh.

I think what went wrong with this movie, and the reason everybody disliked it, is that it was slow to get started. Very slow. I would say the first 50 minutes are pretty boring. Pretty much, up until the fight scene at Calvin’s office with the sprinklers and gun-fighting and all that, it’s boring. However, after that, it starts to get pretty hilarious, so it was worth watching even though the first half of the movie was pretty dull. All in all, it was a decent movie.

My Rating: 5/10

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3 Responses to Central Intelligence (2016)

  1. This one definitely had a slowwwwwwww first act. Buddy comedies can be tough, but I can say that DJ and Kevin are a funny pair. You know they are doing Jumanji together. Did you grow up liking that one?

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