My Babysitter’s A Vampire (2010)
My Babysitter's A Vampire (2010)
 Dir. Bruce McDonald
 Writ. Tim Burns
 Stars: Matthew Knight, Vanessa Morgan, Atticus Mitchell
 Rated PG
 85 mins.
 Comedy, Supernatural
 IMDB 6.3

“That’s autographed!” “By who?! *looks* RYAN SEACREST???”

This was a really cute movie! I love Disney Channel movies, because they’re light, simple, and usually pretty fun to watch.

My Babysitter’s A Vampire is about a teenager whose parents don’t trust him to babysit his sister while they’re gone, so they hire a babysitter, who just so happens to be the cute girl at school…. and a vampire. Her ex-boyfriend is the leader of the vampires at school and he and his friends have a plot to turn the school and then take the souls of 219 kids to help resurrect the vampires who were killed in the town centuries ago. And what makes for a better assortment of people’s souls to take than all the fans of “Dusk”, the fictional equivalent of Twilight (remember, this was 2010, right after Twilight was released and it was all the rage among teenagers). Armed only with the allegiance of Sarah, the vampire fledgling trying to not become a full vampire, and a lifetime of being nerds well-versed in the supernatural, Ethan and Benny have to find a way to defeat Jesse and save their town from the vampires.

A few things I particular loved was the tanning bed bulb light sabers, Granny being a secret druid, and the pencil stub nerf bullets. Absolutely genius! Also, Jesse was the new dude from Arrow that wears the weird ghillie suit and was from that town Felicity blew up. That was an amusing thing to catch, for sure!

It’s also been a long time since I watched a movie where the teenagers actually looked like teenagers. Most TV shows and movies have teenagers who look to be in their late 20s, not like actual fifteen year olds.

That’s pretty much the movie. It’s simple and cute and a very light watch. It’s made for kids, so of course it’s nothing spectacular, but for what it is, it’s a very cute movie. If you’re the type who enjoys kids movies, this is a good one. I haven’t seen a lot of Disney Channel movies since the mid-2000s, when I was a teenager, but I really did like this one. It’s very fun and I have to recommend it.

My Rating: 7/10



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