Such Good People (2014)

Look! I’m on time!
Such Good People (2014)
 Dir. Stewart Wade
 Writ. David Michael Barrett
 Stars: Michael Urie, Randy Harrison, Carrie Wiita
 97 mins.
 Comedy, Mystery
 IMDB 4.6

So this may seem like a VERY random choice, and that’s because I went down the Netflix rabbit-hole hunting down hidden gem queer films (shocking report: I found 5 just this week that were all worth watching!). I found this one, which is the last of the ones I watched, and I decided to review this one rather than the others. I had considered doing a series this week and doing one a week, but who knows! Maybe I’ll come back and review the others some other week.

You guys know the struggle with finding queer films that aren’t atrociously bad or beautiful but depressing as hell… or atrociously bad AND depressing as hell.

This is one of the least depressing queer films of all times! Yay!

Such Good People is the story of a young married couple named Richard and Alex who are trying to find the perfect new home. The film starts with them arriving at their dream home only to find it not only recently occupied but the site of a party the new owners are throwing. When they see Alex’s sister and brother-in-law entering the house, they decide to crash the party and meet the new owners. With the new owners going out of town, they notice Alex playing with their dogs and learn he runs a dog rescue and, on a whim, ask Alex and Richard to house-sit for them while they are gone on a humanitarian trip to visit the orphans of Bhutan. Only, while they’re gone, Alex and Richard discover a hidden room full of cash. Upon learning that the homeowners have died in a tragic accident, they are torn by the knowledge that all that money is just sitting there. Alone. In their dream house.

Honestly, this movie was the exact example of a ‘hidden gem’ because I had never heard of it, I had never noticed it on Netflix, and it was in the COMEDY section! Queer comedies are usually either horrible or non-existent.

There’s no two ways about it, this movie was so fun. It was actually very funny in some parts. There’s this whole ordeal with Richard live-tweeting everything that’s to die for, and this misunderstanding about ‘my babies’ that I won’t tell because spoilers, and it’s just so funny. I was very amused by this whole movie.

And, as you guys have picked up by now, one of the biggest issues in Queer Cinema, in my opinion, is how there is a very serious lack of films in which characters just happen to be queer, and it isn’t the subject of the movie. This is a perfect film in that instance, because they are literally just a married couple. The movie would be the same story, pretty much, if they were a man and a woman, not two men. Also, they’re a cute married couple, so it’s even better. There’s no relationship drama or anything, it’s just a comedy ‘crime’ caper with a married couple.

No, it isn’t the most thrilling feat of cinema ever, but it’s one of those ‘lazy afternoon’ movies. You put on a mildly entertaining movie that doesn’t take a lot of thought and effort and enjoy the chuckles it gives you. The acting is all really good in that ‘over the top comedy’ way, the story is good enough you don’t get bored, and it’s cute and silly in the best ways ever.

If you are looking for a masterpiece, this isn’t it, but if you’re looking for a fun way to spend an hour and a half, you can’t miss this one!

My Rating: 8/10

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