Eddie the Eagle (2016)

(I just realized I wrote all of this earlier today and didn’t hit ‘publish’. God I’m a moron. I’m so sorry.)

So I promised multiple this week and lied. BUT Film Review Friday, eh? Also I’m posting this from my new internship/job because I forgot my phone at home and social networking sites are blocked (I at first couldn’t even get on WordPress but when I went directly to my blog hey! Worked!) and I have finished all my work for the day and don’t get off work for another hour and a half. And the guy working in the reception area across the half-wall from me is off work for 2 weeks so I can’t even try to be entertained by listening to him talk to dumb people on the phone (ah the life of local government employees).

I literally have nothing else to do right now. I don’t even have a book to read because the library still hasn’t gotten in the one I ordered from another library. I may end up doing yet another of these reviews today JUST BECAUSE I AM LITERALLY SITTING IN MY OFFICE AREA AND STARING AT THE WALL OTHERWISE.

Sorry, had to get that out of my system because I haven’t had any human interaction OR work to do for the past half-hour and there is another hour and a half of that looming in my future. ANYWAYS!

Eddie the Eagle (2016)
 Dir. Dexter Fletcher
 Writ. Sean Macaulay, Simon Kelton
 Stars: Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman
 Rated PG-13
 106 mins.
 Comedy, Biography
 IMDB 7.5

This movie was honestly so much more enjoyable than I expected. Unlike apparently the whole FREAKING WORLD, I am not a fan of sports movies usually. Top of my head, I’d say the only ones I’ve ever REALLY LOVED are Cool Runnings and A League of Their Own and it’s funny I say that, because there was a reference to Cool Runnings in this movie, lol. So while I may be in the smaller portion of the populations that isn’t all that interested in sports movies, this one actually really did surprise me, especially given ski jumping is basically the Buzz Lightyear sport: falling with style.

Eddie the Eagle tells the story of a British athlete whose goal since childhood was to be an Olympian. He dreamed of competing in the summer Olympics for the longest as a child (a child with physical disabilities no less) until he saw skiers at a winter sports facility and decided he would be a skier. When the Olympic Committee does not choose him for the Olympic downhill skiing team, rather than give up and get a real job like his father often pushes, he decides to go to the top training facility in Europe and try and make it on his own in another event: the ski jump.

Honestly, I watched this movie because I heard good things about it and was very bored. Also, I love Taron Egerton. He’s a very talented actor and I had my doubts about him in a comedy because he’s known for being a VERY IMPRESSIVE drama actor. The only sort-of-comedy thing I’ve seen him in is Kingsman and that one isn’t REALLY a comedy. Amusingly enough, after watching this, I went to see what all else of his there was out there and realized I’ve seen every single thing he’s in, even ‘single episodes of a show’ stuff. How interesting is that?! I’ve never had an actor I’ve seen EVERYTHING they’ve been in!

As expected, Taron Egerton did not disappoint. He makes Eddie a very, very lovable guy, and you can’t help rooting for him no matter how mad he clearly is. Hugh Jackman, alternately, is Hugh Jackman pretty much. I’m not a terribly big fan, but it’s nothing against him. He’s a pretty good actor from what I’ve seen, it just seems to me he’s very typecast. He basically plays the ‘gruff and grumpy’ in everything I’ve seen him in besides Kate and Leopold (wasn’t he in that movie? I forget, that movie wasn’t one that sticks with you at all.) Anyways, Jackman as Bronson Peary is a very nice character. He’s a great realist to Eddie’s extreme optimism. I very much appreciated the way the character balanced out the hyper-optimistic nature of the film.

One moment that I really appreciated, that sticks out for some reason, is the moment on the lift with Matti Nykänen where Matti speaks to Eddie and says, “No, we are like 1 and 11 [on the clock], you and I. We are closer than the others…. Winning and losing doesn’t matter. We jump to free our souls” and it just stood out as a very powerful little scene that really drove home the ‘message’ of the movie about hope and personal success. This movie was honestly just a great little pick-me-up. If you ever feel down, watch Eddie the Eagle and you’ll feel better again.

My Rating: 7/10

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