Keanu (2016)

This weekend you guy are gonna get TWO! TWO UPDATES! Tonight’s is on the movie I literally just got home from. Tomorrow’s is a surprise!
Keanu (2016)
 Dir. Peter Atencio
 Writ: Jordan Peele, Alex Rubens
 Stars: Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key
 Rated R
 98 mins.
 IMDB: 6.8

I have seen so many people dismissing this movie as ‘looks stupid’ and sadly it looks like they believed themselves, because the showing I went to, it was me, my sister, and 2 other people.


Okay if you like Key and Peele you will love this movie. If you like kittens you will love this movie. If you like FUN you will love this movie.
Keanu tells the story of a man named Rell who finds a kitten on his stoop after he is dumped and he becomes just as obsessed with a kitten as you should be because kittens are wonderful. He and his friend Clarence are both very suburban types of guys, but when someone robs Rell’s house and takes his kitten, they end up getting sucked into a downward spiral of getting in deeper with this drug-running gang called the Blips (with the hilarious story that the Blips are made of people who were kicked out of the Bloods and Crips) after being mistaken for these actual really bad dudes who just popped a drug manufacturer, all in order to get his cat, Keanu, back.

To start with, when I learned that, for Keanu, seven shelter kittens who looked alike were all TRAINED TO DO KITTY STUNTS so they didn’t have to use CGI for the movie, that basically made my LIFE. Also add that all the kittens got adopted after it was over and oh wow, let me curl up and die of cute!!!

I’m a big fan of Key and Peele’s TV show. That show was one of the funniest shows, so it has to be said that the type of humor in this movie is a kind that I find amazingly funny. Also, the premise of the movie is SO INCREDIBLE that even things that aren’t all that funny were hilarious! Very little is more hilarious than two guys who are very suburban getting deep into a serious gang and playing the parts horribly yet managing to convince them they’re actually these two bad, scary Allentown Boys gangsters. There’s this whole part with Anna Faris that’s amazing, and the whole George Michael thing is freaking incredible, and without giving too much away, I can only STRONGLY suggest you go see this movie!!!

My Rating: 8/10


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  1. Diego says:

    Kitty stunt school? That’s awesome.

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