I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)


Sorry I’ve been so inconsistent with my Film Review Friday posts lately. College is hard.

I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)
 Dir. Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
 Writ. Glenn Ficarra, John Requa
 Stars: Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor
 Rated R
 98 mins.
 Comedy, Romance
 IMDB 6.7

This is one of my favorite Gay films of all. There’s no sugarcoating that it’s one of my favorites. But you know what makes it even better?

Ewan McGregor.

I REALLY love Ewan mcGregor. He’s just such a good actor. He’s amazing. And gorgeous.

Okay! Onto the movie now! I Love You Phillip Morris is a fictionalization of the real life exploits of Steven Jay Russell, a conman that ran multiple scams and frauds and also escaped from prison/police custody many times in the 90s.

The film stars Jim Carrey as Steven Russel, a Texas cop who, after a car crash, has an epiphany and decides to come out of the closet and start living life as an openly gay may, leaving his wife and kids to go start a new life with a new boyfriend. One of the most amusing lines of the film comes from this part of his life, where he, in his voice over narration, pronounces to the viewers that, “Being gay is expensive.” After a series of insurance scams and frauds, Steven gets arrested and goes to prison for the first time (after a few custody escape attempts) and there he meets the love of his life, Phillip Morris, played by Ewan McGregor, and proceeds to spend the next several years of his life running more cons to try and give Phillip the life he wants him to have… with not a great lot of success.

This movie is both one of the funniest and sweetest films you can find on Netflix, let’s be honest. Jim Carrey is his usual hilarious self, so you can count on some of the funniest comic timing ever but with a big dose of extreme emotions, too. He’s a funny guy, but when a role calls for him to get serious, he gets serious. There are moments where Steven Russell makes you want to grab your chest and keel over.

Alternately, Phillip Morris does make you grab your chest and keel over. And cry. Oh boy does one scene in this movie make me cry. However, for most of the film, Phillip Morris is by far the cutest, sweetest, most precious character to ever exist. He’s such a soft-spoken, gentle guy with honey blonde hair and big ol’ blue eyes, and Ewan McGregor is really what makes Phillip Morris what he is. Nobody else could’ve given the right performance for Phillip Morris than him.

Seriously, look at this face!


In the end, the reality is what emphasizes the hilarity of the film. As the final few minutes of the film tell us, Steven Russell got an unprecedented life sentence for his various attempts to break out of prison, break Phillip out of prison, and for his fraud charges. I think it’s something like 144 years sentence in 23-hour a day lock down with only 1 hour free for exercising and showering. Talk about embarrassing to the state of Texas! Who knows, maybe one day he’ll manage to break out again!

It’s just a really funny, sweet, and touching film all around.

My Rating: 8/10



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3 Responses to I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)

  1. I am so glad we both have the same feelings about Ewan McGregor. He had me at Obi-Wan Kenobi tbh.

    I like this film a lot. I am happy you chose it. 🙂


    • Yep! First time I ever saw him was as Obi-Wan and I fell in love ❤

      He's just been in a LOT of really good movies where he's amazing. Admittedly, some of his more popular movies I've never seen (Moulin Rouge, for example) but he's in some of my favorites. While Trainspotting isn't a 'watch over and over' film it's always a favorite, and Velvet Goldmine is AN ETERNAL FAVORITE OH GOD EWAN IN THAT MOVIE KILLS MY HEART *screams into a pillow*.

      Then there's really amazing performances in stuff like Black Hawk Down, and the VERY underrated The Island. He's just SO GOOD in so many different roles. I mean shit, he's even amazing in Angels and Demons and most people said that movie sucked!

      He's just one of those "Top 5 most talented actor" type actors. His range knows no bounds.


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