A Christmas Story (1983)

This week, we’re taking a break from the 2015 movies and going with a Christmas classic!

A Christmas Story (1983)
 Dir. Bob Clark
 Writ. Jean Shepherd
 Stars: Peter Billingsly, Melinda Dillon
 Rated PG
 94 mins.
 Comedy, Christmas
 IMDB 8.1

My quest this year was to watch a lot of the Christmas movies that everybody else seems to have seen besides me. I originally planned to do a 12 Days of Christmas thing but I just couldn’t find the time for all of that. So! I watched a number of my list and decided to pick ONE to review for Film Review Friday this week since today is Christmas!

I ended up picking A Christmas Story because, honestly, it was the best of all the ones I watched. Well, okay, Trading Places was close, but this one won out.

If you are like me and had honestly never paid attention to what this movie even IS, it’s the story of a little boy named Ralphie (Peter Billingsly) in the 40s who really, really wants a BB Gun for Christmas, and his quest to get his parents to buy him the BB Gun. It’s full of funny hijinks and his parents being very amusing characters. Not to mention the other kids in the neighborhood.

To start with, this movie is on crack, dude. It’s hilarious but in the most out of this world crazy ways. Everything from the kinky lamp to the tongue stuck to the pole to the evil mall Santa and elves. It’s hilarious in the most ridiculous way and I loved it! Ralphie is adorable. Such a funny little kid! His brother, Randy, is sort of annoying because he’s meant to be at least 5 years old, probably older, and he acts and is treated like a toddler. It’s not that big of an annoyance, but it’s still like, ‘omg, why is this child acting like he’s 2 years old?’

It’s funny how much of this I think today wouldn’t be received so well. A friend pointed out that, at one point, you hear a kid getting his ass beat by his parents for cursing over the phone, and these days that would be shock and horror, not hilarious, because in general, society frowns upon a bad kid getting a sound whooping like when most of us were kids. (This movie was made 8 years before I was born, but it still stands that ‘when I was a kid’ fits this category). Also, the fact the kid wants a BB Gun and in today’s world, people would be a little wary about making light of a child wanting something they could, as the famous line goes, “shoot your eye out” with. It’s also funny because, when I was a kid, it’s a miracle I never shot myself or someone else in the eye with my various BB Guns and Air Rifles. (The little copper BBs don’t break the skin, they just sting, but those pellets in the air rifles with the CO2 cartridge… yikes. That’ll leave you digging a hunk of metal out of your ass!)

I loved the whole thing with the teacher. It was amazing! So funny. Pretty much the whole movie was just a great ton of fun and I’m very glad that it made it onto the list of ‘movies Chelsea successfully ticked off her list’.

My Rating: 7/10


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