Victor Frankenstein (2015)

Friday means it’s review time! I just went to see one tonight, so we’ll have that one!
Victor Frankenstein (2015)
 Dir. Paul McGuigan
 Writ. Max Landis
 Stars: James McAvoy, Daniel Radcliffe
 Rated PG-13
 109 mins.
 Drama, Science Fiction
 IMDB 6.3

To start with, I have to say that this movie isn’t a “OMG AHHH!” type of movie, but that’s okay! The same way every meal doesn’t have to be gourmet, every movie doesn’t have to be one that changes your life, you know?

I went to see Victor Frankenstein with my siblings (fourteen year old brother and sister twins and twelve year old baby sister) and we all enjoyed it. It was a very fun movie.

In Victor Frankenstein, we get the classic tale of Frankenstein’s Monster but with a twist! “Igor” is actually a circus hunch back (Daniel Radcliffe) that Victor (James McAvoy) meets when he is at the circus and a trapeze artist falls and, when he comes forward as a doctor, the hunch back clown is already there, ready to treat the girls injuries since he is not just a clown, but also the circus physician. After saving him from his life of abuse, Victor also gives him the name of his missing flatmate, Igor, since he has no identity of his own.

From there, the story follows the usual Frankenstein story but with a different focus than usual, and that is the police investigation into Igor’s escape and Frankenstein’s questionably legal ways of procuring animal parts for experimentation, all led by Inspector Turpin (Andrew Scott), a devout Christian who is convinced Frankenstein is in league with Satan. It focuses much more on Igor’s side of the story, even giving him a romance, and shows quite a lot of character story between Igor and Victor, giving them both pretty dynamic characters, which makes the film have a new twist on the classic, well known story. You have an emotional attachment to Victor so you know that, even though he’s absolutely mental, he’s got other depths that make him likable.

All in all, it’s a good telling of the classic Frankenstein story. James McAvoy is a very good actor always, but in this movie he makes the crazy a sad sort of crazy, not a scary crazy, which is a hard line to teeter on. Daniel Radcliffe does a pretty decent job of portraying how much Igor cares for Victor, the same was McAvoy does a great job at showing how much Victor cares for Igor, and it’s a very interesting dynamic.

At times it seems a bit more than friendship, but I don’t think that’s a detractor at all. It was actually really funny that I was thinking, ‘wow, this is sorta gay’ and then there WAS a mention of a random man at a party preferring the company of gentlemen, which made it all the more amusing that there are three characters who all seemed a little gay (or a lot, if you wanna talk about Victor’s jealousy over Igor’s girlfriend). It was hilarious when we all got back to the car and my sister goes, “Am I the only one that thought Victor was totally gay for Igor?” and the other sister went, “That and the blond guy [Finnegan] who was definitely gay for Victor”, so it wasn’t just me, apparently. I thought maybe I was just seeing things until both my sisters brought it up later.

The final verdict is that it’s not some earth-moving movie that will blow your mind, but it’s a good movie. We were four of only eight people in the cinema for the 5pm (CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP $5.75 SHOWING), which I hear is par for the course for terrible opening weekend box office, which I think is sad, because this movie was definitely worth seeing. It’s very enjoyable and if you have the money for a casual trip to the movies, it’s totally worth it.

My Rating: 7/10


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