The Fall (2006)

Another! I’m going to do at least a few today. I have a long list to get through after a month of no reviews. This list is 17 movies long, y’all. Gotta get through these!

The Fall movie image Lee Pace
The Fall (2006)
 Dir. Tarsem Singh
 Writ. Dan Gilroy, Nico Soultanakis
 Stars: Lee Pace, Catinca Untaru
 117 mins.
 Fantasy, Adventure
 IMDB 7.9

This movie is perfect.

I know that’s a big thing to open with, but it just is. To start with, we all know that I really think Lee Pace is incredibly talented as an actor, and he is. That said, the star of this movie is little Catinca Untaru! Holy crap, for a child that, for the most part, was too small to even understand what was going on and mostly thought she was actually hanging out with a man who couldn’t walk and was telling her stories, she was incredible!

The beautiful story told in The Fall is that of little Alexandria, a little girl with a broken arm in a hospital in the 1920s in LA and follows her befriending Roy, a movie stuntman whose legs are paralyzed after an accident on the set of a movie. She asks Roy to tell her a story and he begins a tale of 6 men and their fantastical adventure to stop a corrupt governor. All the while, Roy uses his friendship with Alexandria to convince her to help him get morphine so he can kill himself.

That sounds pretty horrible, I know, but it’s REALLY not.

Side note, Rated R is stupid. This movie is PG-13 at the FURTHEST, I’d go with PG really.

To start with, Alexandria is the most adorable child ever. Seriously. DO YOU SEE THIS FACE?!


On top of that, the story is just beautifully told. She’s Roy’s saving grace and he’s like the father’s she’s missed (in a way). Moreover, the beautiful story is NOTHING compared to the amazing cinematography. The visuals in this movie are astounding. The whimsical imagery and bright colors are incredible. Some of the shots are the most amazing artistry I’ve ever seen. The acting is incredible, the composition is amazing, and I cannot stress how lovely this movie is.

My Rating: 9/10

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