Scream (1996)

Hi all! Sorry I am behind but I’m WAY behind. I’ve got 5 movies I’ve watched that I need to review, so we’ll do one or two tonight probably.

Scream (1996)
 Dir. Wes Craven
 Writ. Kevin Williamson
 Stars: Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette
 Rated R
 111 mins.
 Horror, Mystery, Suspense
 IMDB Rating: 7.2

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”

One thing you will learn about me after this blog has been going for a while is that I DO NOT like horror films. Scary movies are NOT my thing. I have an extremely active imagination and the movie isn’t that scary, what my brain does to me for the rest of the week is scary. I once accidentally caught about 5 minutes of The Grudge and I cried myself to sleep for the next 2 nights because even though I KNEW nothing was in my room, I couldn’t stop thinking ‘what if’ about the idea that I’d roll over and something would look over the edge of the bed at me… I was 16, not 6.

THAT SAID! I really love Scream movies. All of them. Some people say that all the ones after Scream suck but I love ALL of them. You can keep your ridiculously overly gore-filled movies, your zombie movies, your ghost movies, possession movies, whatever, you can HAVE IT!

But give me a murder mystery with a serial killer and I’m SET! I don’t think of a human killer (or killers) as a horror movie, I think of it as a SUPER SUSPENSEFUL mystery. I love movies like Scream where it’s a slasher and nobody knows who it is until it’s too late. And of all the serial killer mystery suspense movies, Scream is the cream of the crop.

Scream opens up with a random teen being toyed with and then murdered by the killer, and only after that do we meet our protagonist, Sidney Prescott. Sidney is already the victim of her own horror movie, because one year ago, her mother was murdered. A couple of classmates being murdered doesn’t help her life at all. The killer targeting her in a days long game of cat and mouse makes it even worse.

One of my favorite things about Scream is that there’s almost this self-awareness. Now this is a fairly common thing, but at the time, the movie constantly referencing ‘if this were a scary movie…’ or ‘according to the movie formula, this person will die next’. The constant references of this plot being like the plot of a scary movie when it IS a scary movie makes the movie more interesting because it doesn’t just break some of the rules, it comes out and TELLS the viewers what rules are being broken. It’s just such an interesting idea that, at the time, was a pretty revolutionary one.

Most of all, I like killer movies where the main targeted victim is NOT a damsel in distress. Some do argue she is, but the way I see it, Sidney is a survivor. She’s very aware that she has to fight to survive, and the only reason the movie didn’t end when she got attacked that first time and lived until the cops arrived is because unlike most scary movies, there are TWO killers in Scream movies, not just one.

All in all, this is my favorite ‘scary movie’ and I absolutely never get tired of watching it. I can watch it two times in one week and still enjoy it every single time.

My Rating: 9/10

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